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Peer Reviewed Publications



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Publications in Pre-print

Armisen, D, Rajakumar, R, Friedrich, M, Benoit, JB, Robertson, HM, Panfilio, KA, Ahn, S-J, Poelchau, MF, Chao, H, Dinh, H, Doddapaneni, HV, Dugan-Perez, S, Gibbs, RA, Hughes, DST, Han, Y, Lee, SL,  Murali, SC, Muzny, DM, Qu, J, Worley, KC, Munoz-Torres, M, Abouheif, E, Bonneton, F, Chen, T, Childers, C, Cridge, AG, Crumiere, AJJ, Decaras, A, Didion, EM, Duncan, E, Elpidina, EN, Favé, M-J, Finet,C, Jacobs, CGC, Jarvela, A, Jennings, EJ, Jones, JW, Lesoway, MP, Lovegrove, M, Martynov, A, Oppert, B, Lilico-Ouachour, A, Rajakumar, A, Refki, PN, Rosendale, AJ, Santos, ME, Toubiana, W, van der Zee, M, Vargas Jentzsch, IM, Lowman, AV, Viala, S, Richards, S, Khila, A. The genome of the water strider Gerris buenoi reveals expansions of gene repertoire associated with adaptations to life on the water. 2018. 

Publications in Review

Lesoway, MP and Henry, JQ. 2018. In review. Twisted shells, spiral cells, and asymmetries: Evo-Devo lessons learned from gastropods. In: Evolutionary Developmental Biology: A Reference Guide. Eds: GB Müller and L Nuño de la Rosa. Springer.

Publications in Preparation

Lesoway, MP, Collin, R, and Abouheif, E. In prep. Seasonal changes in maternal environment increase nutritive embryo production in the poecilogenous Calyptraea lichen, but not in Crepidula navicella.

Lesoway, MP and Henry, JQ. In prep. Sex determination and sex change in slipper snails and other molluscs. In: EvoDevo : Non-Model Species in Cell and Developmental Biology. Eds: W Tworzydlo and S Bilinski. Springer.